Wednesday, June 8, 2016

No longer on the fence

I thought about having both Bernie and Hillary stickers on my car all during the primary season. In the end, I opted for neither and sported a Goodwin for Governor sticker.

Keepin' it local.

But last night? And last week? Secretary Clinton is and was on point in her two most recent major speeches. It's time for me to say #ImWithHer.

I hope Bernie says it, and soon. It won't make a difference here in WV. Trump is wildly popular among non-college-educated, low-income white men, which describes much of the population here. But Bernie's support for HRC could go a long way toward healing the rift in the Democratic party.

No candidate is perfect, which is why I wavered and couldn't commit.

But it's game on now, and if there's one thing I'm quite sure of it's #NeverTrump.


gingerzingi said...

Yeah, I really felt torn this time. Also in 2008. But I'm definitely in the #NeverTrump camp (big surprise).

I've never been so ashamed of my country, that it's come to this point. I take criticism of the U.S. with a grain of salt, because most of the time those criticisms aren't actually unique to this country, and the same goes for the Trump phenomenon. Other countries have elected fascist, demagogue, borderline-insane leaders before, and look how well it worked out for them...

Toledo Lefty said...

I was on the fence for the primary, and voted Bernie, but I look forward to voting for Hillary in November, ESPECIALLY given the alternative.