Sunday, June 19, 2016

Six months later

I know I said I wouldn't post any more hip-surgery updates, but it seems like six months post-op is a good time to assess.

In the six months since the operation, I've walked nearly 500 miles (493.94 to be exact), and I'm now averaging about 14,000 steps per day. I'd logged 187 miles after four months, so the past two months have been pretty darned good.

Nice weather helps, of course. I have very few residual effects of the surgery. The pain I'd been living with is completely gone. I have trouble – still – getting up from a chair and getting started walking. I need to steady myself with a hand on a wall or table, for instance, until I feel secure. I have a lot of trouble if I need to get down on my hands and knees and then get back up again.

And despite all those miles walked, I've lost only seven pounds since the surgery. I am well and truly stuck where I am, and not happy about it at all. I eat reasonable portions of healthful foods. I'm not willing to walk more – I'm averaging more than five miles a day.

I plan to add some rowing to the routine, something I've been "meaning" to do, but just haven't been motivated enough to actually accomplish. A six-month assessment such as this seems to indicate I need that kind of push.

Most 65-year-old hip surgery patients aren't as active as I am, based on the reaction I get when I tell people my age and activity level. Maybe I just need to let go of the desire to lose weight NOW, and be grateful for the progress I've made so far.
The last 28 days have been fairly consistent, and certainly better than a year ago!

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Timi Townsend said...

I think you are doing GREAT, Debbi! And I agree that lowering the priority of further weight loss would be wise. You are doing the right things already, and overdoing them would not be good for your physical health or your peace of mind. I'm amazed at how far you walk each day! Keep up the good work and congratulations on your six-month post-op assessment!