Monday, January 2, 2017


No, not football, although there's plenty of that to look forward to today. [Actually, watching football for me really means dedicated knitting time more than rah-rah-rah-sis-boom-bah.] I only watch three regular programs on television – Jeopardy, House of Cards, and Grace and Frankie. The latter two won't be back until spring, so my knitting time has been limited to half an hour daily. But with games all day, I should be able to finish two more Pussyhats.

The kickoff in today's title is for a Whole 30, which is a good way to plunge back into paleo. I've been collecting meal ideas on Pinterest and printing out recipes. The idea behind a Whole 30, though, is to keep things uncomplicated – wholesome foods, simply cooked.

Breakfasts [for me] usually are eggs, and when I visited my son last month he had a super-cool frying pan for omelets. I bought this model and it works perfectly for Whole 30-compliant, cheese-free egg dishes. Three whisked eggs covers the bottom of the pan nicely. Fill with a bit of cooked sausage or bacon and whatever vegetables are handy – tomatoes/onions/sweet peppers/mushrooms – and serve.

So Whole 30, Day 1, has commenced, and I'm actually kind of looking forward to eating cleanly and well for the next month. The last week of the project will be our week at the beach. I may or may not be really strict about it then. One thing's for sure: I'm not worrying about it now.

I logged 3.5 miles of outdoor walking yesterday. It was probably around 45° and I was sweating before I was halfway finished. Thank you, climate change. I wonder what the lasting effects of too many too-warm Januarys will be? It's always best, when considering anything, to think things through to their logical conclusion. Since I'm not a scientist, I'll take their word for it that the effects will definitely have an impact. Oh, and that there is such a thing.

Thanks for reading, as always. It was nice to see so many "likes" on Facebook yesterday. It only takes another minute to leave a comment. Bloggers love comments, hint, hint. Ask me anything … or tell me I'm crazy. Your choice! HAH!


MadAnne said...

How many hats have you done? I have finished 1. Are you calorie counting or just doing Whole 30?

Debbi said...

I've done 3 hats, am almost done with the fourth. This fourth one is two strands held together and I should have used a larger needle. I also did a garter-stitch cuff, just to change things up a little bit. I like the ribbed cuff better, though. Will do at least two more hats, hoping to do four more.

I'm logging my food, because that works for me, even though you're not supposed to on a Whole 30. What I'm not doing is trying to restrict my calories. If the total goes above what's recommended on LoseIt, so be it. I just want a record of what I eat from day to day.

Thanks for your comment!

MadAnne said...

I started my second hat. I did four decreases in the crown to pull the ears up a bit. i saw a picture on Ravelry finished with black so the ears are black, I'm going to do that on this one.

There has to be a better way to deal with * than eating, which is what I am doing. If I could only sleep......

Debbi said...

I sleep well, thankfully. But I go to bed and get up VERY early. I think not watching the news (I read it) helps with my sleep.