Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The best-laid plans …

Very little knitting was accomplished yesterday. Mostly because my ass was not parked in a chair watching football all day, but was instead outside walking or inside, reclining and resting from walking.

Another of my 2017 goals is to log 25 walking miles each week. I haven't yet decided if these miles will be total steps for the day calculated by the FitBit or the intentional miles I log using the MapMyRun app. (Ahhh, running, how I miss you.)

So far, because the year is new and I'm feeling optimistic, I'm leaning toward intentional miles. And so far, because the year is new and the weather has been cooperative, I'm averaging four intentional miles per day.

Because my hip pain was so bad in 2015 and because surgery and recovery took a good quarter of 2016, I used total steps to calculate my mileage for those years. It feels like a Big Deal to go back to counting just the MapMyRun mileage. We'll see what happens. (For the record, total FitBit miles this year = 12.) (And also for the record, who calculates their mileage year after year after year?)

I don't know about you, but when I'm well above my ideal weight (or even well above my almost-to-goal-at-least-I-can-wear-nice-clothes weight) – which is where I've been for almost two years – I don't pay much attention to the little things. I get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed regularly, but I don't wear makeup, rarely wear jewelry, and I don't do my nails.

Until now. My husband's cousin introduced me to these nail stickers called Jamberry.

And. I. Love. Them.

She hosted a Facebook party (remember Tupperware home parties? So old-school.), I placed an order, and did my first manicure December 21. That's it on the left:

The application is supposed to last two weeks, and I'm sure it would, but I'm easily bored and also easily amused, so I've been doing mine about once a week. Second application, in the center, was December 27, and I did the one on the right yesterday.

Do I feel better about myself with fancy fingernails? I don't know, maybe a little. Does that even matter? Yes, it probably does. If I feel good about myself, I'll be more likely to stick with my eating plan (so far very good) and because I know that works, I'll feel way better by summer.

Or so the theory goes.

Total hip replacement has resulted in more limitations than I'd imagined it would. I knew I would have to give up running, but other activities have turned out to be either uncomfortable or impossible. I alwaysalwaysalways have to have someone handy when I climb a ladder. Because someone is not always handy, I haven't finished the big painting project I started a couple years ago.

I completely refuse to go out the front door when there's ice on the porch. Fear of falling is a thing. A real thing.

I can't get down on my hands and knees. While I still use my steam mop to clean my floors, the corners and baseboards are bugging me A LOT. Losing weight and getting back in shape will help me be more mobile. I don't want to head into old age (okay, I'm 65 so I guess I'm already there) feeling so limited.

I have a dentist's appointment late this morning and then … well, I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Let's just say that having a Medicare Advantage plan has its advantages.


MadAnne said...

I guess yoga is out after a hip replacement? I went to the dentist this morning.

Debbi said...

My surgeon did not prohibit yoga. I would want to go to a class with a very experienced instructor until I figured out what I was and wasn't capable of doing.