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The best-laid plans, redux

So what I was going to tell you about today, that thing I was going to do yesterday, didn't happen. So I shall leave you in suspense until it does. And who the hell knows when that will be? I love a mystery, don't you?

Life has gotten a little complicated, as life does, but despite being hungry a lot yesterday and not having anything handy and being waaaaaay tempted to hit a vending machine or eat a loaf of bread … I didn't.

And despite it being gloomy and grey and raining lightly, I still walked outside. Only 2.5 miles, though, so I'll have to make up for it every day this week if I want to do 25 intentional miles. I'm going to be obsessive about this, I can feel it in my artificial joint. Heh. But obsessing is how I get things done.

I see lots of shiny new planners out there, this being the first of the year and everyone resolving to GET ORGANIZED once and for all. Many of the pages have a big space at the top to record a goal, and then the area below is divided into sections where you can enumerate all the things you need to do to reach the goal.

My to-do would be pretty short: Just. Do. It. (Thanks, Nike!)

Part of the amazing pantry
that came with this house.
Switching to paleo (and starting out with a Whole 30) meant making sure I had appropriate food in the house, but since this isn't my first paleo rodeo, I didn't need to break it down into steps. I just made sure my grocery run included vegetables, bananas, and sliced turkey.

[It's kind of funny (not ha-ha funny but ironic-funny) that I recently stocked the pantry with decidedly non-paleo non-perishables, getting ready for the Trumpocalypse or maybe just making sure we won't starve should he plunge the country into a major Depression. Stop by any time if you need pasta or beans.]

Day 3 coming up. One and two went well, and I'm encouraged to keep going. Life will surely get in the way today, but knowing I got through yesterday gives me hope that today will work out.

Because, really. What's the alternative?


Anonymous said…
I love that you are stocking up food for the Trumpocalypse! It just shows the wisdom of the Mormons and Amish, they will all be fine while we starve and eat each other. I've always read a lot of science fiction, and there are MANY books about the end of the world as we know it, and what people do to prepare themselves. Knowledge is also an extremely valuable commodity. Practical knowledge, like how make fire, purify water, fabricate explosives, and of course create weapons. I fail on all counts and expect to die within minutes.
Debbi said…
We've also decided that if worse comes to worst we will beg for help from our Amish neighbors and do everything we can to learn from them. They're such kind people – I have no doubt they'll be willing to help us save ourselves. ;-)

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