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What a difference a year makes

Well, not quite a year. My last post was February 5, 2018. I could have waited another week, but who's counting?

Actually, who's even reading any more?

I joined Weight Watchers (recently reincarnated as simply WW) in May of 2018, and have continued to follow the plan ever since. It's the most practical and doable nutrition plan I've ever experienced. You can literally eat anything you want. When you track it in the handy-dandy WW app, you'll know if you've gone over your daily point allotment.

Thus, it makes sense to track it before you eat it.

I haven't had spectacular success, but the weight losses were steady until the holidays. I began WW doing online only, but switched to workshops early this month, and joined with a friend. Double the accountability.

I'm still walking (and still wishing my hip replacement didn't prevent me from running), still hating my dentures, still taking photos (but not as many nor as frequently), still mostly enjoying life in the country, still hating the current occupant of the Oval Office.

What else?

Switched from an Android to an iPhone. That was pretty huge. I didn't think I could love any phone more than that Samsung Galaxy. I was so wrong.

My intentions for this year, as I listed on Facebook, were to:

  • walk 2019 kilometers (I'm waaaaay behind on that one, due to too-cold-to-walk weather)
  • spend 15 minutes a day decluttering (I'm following a plan and have managed to keep up easily with that one)
  • be authentic (my word for this year)

I also set a silly goal for January to not spend money. That didn't happen. But I did spend less money, so I guess that's a start.

Will I write again this year? Who know? Not I, that's for sure.


Vickie said…
Very glad to hear you are well.
Shauna said…
I'm still here and it is fabulous to hear from you! :)
Joan said…
I wish you would write again this year...
rajeffers said…
thank you for the article, you are an inspiration to us all. here’s a great way I found to lose weight, i hope it helps some others,

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