Monday, June 23, 2008

Mad, glad, sad

To someone who eats compulsively – that would be me – it really doesn’t matter what the occasion or emotion is. Mad, glad or sad, food is always the answer.

I’ve had varying degrees of all three (and more) of those emotions lately, and food has been my go-to response. The only time I’m not thinking about eating is when I’m concentrating on some kind of project. Lately the project has been cleaning out bookshelves and the yarn closet.

My yarn closet long ago overflowed its confines; what didn’t fit into that 5- by 10-foot space got tossed into six huge lidded plastic tubs, all of which have been stacked (and ignored) in the ground level of our two-story garage for quite a long time. Until this weekend. I now have two empty tubs and the other four are considerably pruned. One of our garbage bags this week will be filled with odds and ends that no one would want. The rest of it goes on eBay after life calms down again in July.

Beginning today, I’m going to be busier than I like to be. This week is Fourth of July Prep Week. We have guests coming July 2-5. I head to Florida by way of North Carolina July 5 and I’m not sure when I’ll be home – hoping to leave there on the 11th, but it depends on how my dad does following his surgery on the 9th.

All that busy-ness, though, may mean I won’t think so much about food. There’s not much time in the upcoming schedule to be mad, glad or sad.


Mary Gee said...

Sending good thoughts your way - which don't involve food.

M@rla said...

I'll be in Virginia July 5th :-)