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Friday Quote Day

Don’t let the fear
of striking out
hold you back.
~ Babe Ruth

Okay, so here you are reading a blog that you know is about losing weight, no matter what the title suggests.

(I'm up to running continuously for a tenth of a mile now. Aren't you impressed? And the knitting? Two cotton fingertip towels for the remodeled bathroom are the most recent finished projects. Yawn.)

I will assume, since you're reading a weight-loss blog, that you're knowledgeable about why (and whether) you should lose weight, and some of the effective ways to go about doing so.

But most of you – like me – have tried everything, literally, and are still waiting for the magic to happen.

Could Babe Ruth's message hold the key?

I've read, many times, that fear of success can hold one back. If I get too thin, men will stalk me, my friends will be jealous, my mother will think I'm sick, yadda-yadda-yadda.

But what about fear of failure? I'm so accustomed to failing at losing weight that I assume, right from the get-go, that no "diet" or "eating plan" will work for me. I'm not afraid, I'm convinced! But then there's always a little part of my pea-sized brain that thinks, 'But no, this one will work, this is the one.'

I approached the South Beach plan with a different attitude. I just wanted to try it out as an experiment, to see how I felt. If I lost weight, all the better. What I've learned so far is:
  • I shouldn't eat sugar or refined white flour.
  • I need to limit whole-wheat items to once every couple of days.
  • Fruit doesn't seem to hold me back the way starchy carbs do.
I've stayed the same weight for the past couple of weeks, eating brown rice, whole-wheat pasta or a sweet potato every day. It's time to adjust the formula, relegating those items to "once-in-a-while" status.

Because this time, holding back isn't an option.


Laura N said…
Wow, cool! When you can approach food like that, I think you've hit on the key to success. Keep it up, girl. And yes, I'm impressed by your tenth of a mile. You have to start somewhere. Good job.
debby said…
I like this post too. I am definitely not losing right now, but am also trying out different types of foods to see what is the best for me.
denise said…
I was a couple of days behind in reading blogs, and noticed in yesterday's you mentioned internet access.

I've actually been thinking about you this past week as I've seen several ads for Hughesnet - a satelitte internet connection that's supposed to be much faster than dial up (although I don't think they go quite as far to say they're as fast as broadband).

I don't know anything about it other than what the ads say, so this isn't an endorsement. Just thought I'd mention it in case you want to look into it as an alternative.

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