Monday, March 16, 2009

Proof positive

A day or two without bread or pasta and BAM! A pound gone.

I could cry. I was really enjoying the starchy carbs. Why is it that the things I love (except my husband, most of the time) end up hurting me? (I’m looking at you, alcohol and penne and whole-wheat crackers!)

A quick note for Denise: I looked into Hughesnet just this weekend, as a matter of fact, and it’s a little pricey for home use. Like almost $50 more per month than my dial-up connection, plus purchasing equipment. I’d rather spend the equipment money on an iPhone and the extra monthly money adding data service to my wireless phone plan.

But that ain’t happening for a while either.

Busy day today … I haven’t thanked you guys for stopping by here for a while, so thanks. Sometimes (and I know I’m not the only one) I feel like I’m writing into a void, and then I get a couple thoughtful and helpful and encouraging comments that make me realize there are people out there who care about what goes on here in the Middle of Nowhere. I’m grateful.

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denise said...

I figured the Hughesnet thing sounded a little too good to be true. Oh well...

I have an iPhone that I bought back in November. I love it for checking email and playing games :-) but I find browsing the internet on it to be difficult - partially because my vision isn't what it could be. I always have to enlarge things to read them and then you don't get the whole screen at once.

Plus, I'm not good with keyboarding on it. I'm a one finger typer on the phone and still don't do well with it. Fortunately, they have a great autocorrect function that substitutes what I mean for what I typed most of the time.

Good luck with getting faster service.