Monday, May 25, 2009

Another day year older

My cake doesn’t look anything like the photo, but since cupcakes are everywhere this year, I thought I’d try to be trendy.

Trendy is not my style.

Okay, so yes, it’s my birthday, the big Five-Eight. What a boring age to be. There’s nothing exciting about 58 at all. Age is not a factor when I plan my day or create a to-do list. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to get away with being eccentric.

Since today also is a national holiday here in the United States, I nixed the idea of going out for dinner. Who wants to eat in a restaurant on a big picnic day? We’re having an old-fashioned American meal today: grilled ribeye steak, tossed salad and a baked potato (mine will probably be a sweet potato, my husband’s is a russet). For dessert? I thought about chocolate, of course, but ended up making a carrot cake. It’s not frosted yet but I’m using real cream cheese. None of that neufchatel crap on my birthday.

Next time I get married (kidding, honey!) I’m going to find someone who makes a Big Deal out of birthdays. I should have known, when my husband turned 50 and didn’t want a party, that maybe I’d be spending the rest of my life wishing for a bit more celebration on my big day. I have always respected his wishes not to make a fuss; I kind of wish he would respect mine and make a big one!

But really, I have very little to complain about. He always gives me two cards, they always are wonderfully thoughtful (one of this year’s has an illustration of the husband painting a big heart on the wall – so appropriate considering all the redecorating we’ve been doing lately) and he always gives me whatever gift I want most. This year it’s an iPhone, but I’m waiting to see what the new model is like. It’s supposed to be introduced sometime in July.

Tomorrow I think I’ll take some of the suggestions in this article. I haven’t totally blown it, and my weight has remained the same (miraculously!), but it’ll feel good to get back on track.

Of course, it’ll feel good to have carrot cake for dessert today, too!


D said...

Happy Birthday Debbi! Enjoy your carrot cake :)

Marla said...

Happy birthday, chickie!

Shauna said...

Haaaaaaaaaaappy birthday Debbi! Hope it's a goodun.

I heard the new iPhone is meant to have a better camera and a built-in radio and twice the memory/power of the current one. Hubba hubba!

I've not been able to comment much lately but am lurking as always :)

LG said...

Happy Birthday Debbi! A day late and a dollar short!

denise said...

Happy (now belated) birthday! You're pacing about 4 years ahead of me chronologically, but if we were looking at "real age" years, I'd probably be about 10-15 older these days.

Glad to hear someone else likes to have a fuss made on their birthday. All of my friends are much like your husband. And so, consequently, there's no one to make a big deal about my big day - I hate it (and I'm a little embarrassed to say I resent it!) But c'est la vie. These days I guess just making it to the next birthday should be excitement enough! ;-)

Hope you had a fun day, and that your 59th year is the very best one yet!

denise said...

P.S. Got an iPhone last November - love it (generally speaking). Like all electronics (or anything else I guess) it's not perfect, but it's a very cool toy... errr, I mean business tool ;-)

Will look forward to hearing how you like the new one.

Laura N said...

Happy belated birthday!! My daughter was born on your birthday, 8 years ago. :) I love birthdays & think they should be birthweeks, actually. The more days to celebrate, the better.

altopower said...

Happy belated birthday, my friend! I hope you had a wonderful day to start off your new year. An iPhone is a great present and your husband is a generous, thoughtful man, just what you deserve.

Doc Manette said...

Happy BELATED (sorry) Birthday Debbi! I hope your day was perfect and the real cream cheese frosting on the carrot cake was devine!

My parents were very low-key about birthdays - we celebrated but it was usually immediate family only...but I would have LOVED a big party on my 40th - had someone planned it. Next big one 50 and I'll just plan it.