Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello again ...

I was out of town for a few days. I wanted to get a quick post out, either before I left or while I was away, but obviously that didn’t happen. As you all know (and are sick of hearing about), my home internet access is slow, slow, slow. I was in a hurry to leave last week and the dial-up was operating at a Flinstonian speed. Then while I was gone, I was just too busy and distracted to try to write anything.

I went to visit my daughter and her family, specifically to watch my older granddaughter’s dance recital. I didn’t get to go last year (the first one I’ve missed since she started dancing), and the improvement was phenomenal! She’s so good – fluid, graceful, poised – with the perfect dancer’s body and moves and jumps.

I spent a lot of non-dance time with my grandson and son-in-law. One night it was just my grandson, who is eight, and myself, so we had a “date” at his favorite restaurant: a Chinese buffet. He really knows his way around, from the “pop” stickers to the lo mein. He ate nothing green, but did point out that he chose some peaches (along with ice cream) for dessert. He’s a funny kid, and we had a great time hanging out.

I saw my first ever 3-D movie with both grandchildren. What fun that was! It was a good story, a little sad in some parts and a little scary in others, but we stuck through the whole thing. (When my granddaughter was little we had to leave “Finding Nemo” because it frightened her.)

Anyway, I’m back and it’s the first day of the month and last month was crap as far as food and exercise goes and I’m not going to post a non-progress photo. So there. But I do feel motivated (having the first of the month fall on a Monday is sooo serendipitous, doncha think?) to get back on the horse, so to speak. The drive to and from my daughter’s is quite long, with much thinking time, and one of my fleeting thoughts was that if Barack Obama can find time to work out even while he’s running the country, then I ought to be able to fit a workout into my oh-so-dull schedule.

I don’t use the no-time-to-exercise excuse. I use the I-don’t-feel-like-it one. I’m at a very low point about dieting right now. Y’all know I’ve tried, over and over again, to get rid of these excess pounds. They seem to want to be friends for life. Eating healthfully, running, rowing, weight training – I know and have done all the right things over the past several years and have yet to make it to anything resembling normal for my height and age. It’s unbelievably frustrating to have excellent lab results and still not be able to lose weight. Am I doomed to be one of those in the fit-and-fat category? Sometimes it sure looks like it.

But since it is Monday, June 1, I’ll take that as a sign to press on, doing what all the magazine articles and websites and health gurus say to do: eat right and exercise and you will lose weight.


In closing, I’d just like to express my sorrow and outrage and the murder of Dr. George Tiller. I’d like to see fewer abortions and more adoptions, but I believe in a woman’s right to choose. There’s something out of whack when you think it’s wrong to abort unborn babies but okay to kill living human beings.

At least in my opinion.


LG said...

I loved Up too. And the beginning was beautifully done even if it was a little sad. That's exciting about your granddaughter's recital and the improvement you see. Your grandson sounds like a hoot. :-)

I'm really pitiable and just restarted my gym activities. Pitiable in that 10 minutes on a bike was boring and hateful to me. Plus I did weights. This morning though, I can say that I feel better (last night, ow!) and I know I have to work through it. I don't know if I'll lose weight and be thin but my goal is to be healthier and be able to walk around better. So be kind to yourself.

And I share your outrage about Dr. Tiller.

Doc Manette said...

Thankfully, my children do not like Chinese and we never get to go to the buffet (because I LOVE anything with the word "buffet" especially Chinese food). The little one made gagging noises the last time we went (late last summer) and I had to take her home before I could chow on my lo mein.

Sounds like you had a great visit with the grandchildren.

I wanted to comment on your starting over photo (you are so cute!) - but as a fellow dial-up comrad, living out in the country- wasn't happening that day.