Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Quote Day

“I have no riches but my thought.
Yet these are wealth enough for me.”

~ Sara Teasdale

I’ve been reading a book called The Anderson Method, and then this quote popped up in my inbox this morning. Serendipity? Could be.

Some may think Anderson’s book is just more psycho-babble, yet another diet book to gather dust on the shelf, along with the others sitting there, once full of promise. I was hooked in the introduction, written by an endocrinologist, who asked if I had ever visited a physician hoping I had thyroid disease.


As I’ve been reading, I’ve realized that my husband followed this plan as he has lost weight in the past year and a half. He made weight loss and fitness a priority when he retired in December, 2007. It took about six months for him to lose between 35 and 40 pounds. He’s since lost another five or so and is now skinnier than he’s been since we met 16 years ago.

It’s basically a mind-over-matter method, with lots of visualization and positive self-talk. No recipes, no menu plans, no real details, either. The author would love it if you would contact one of his trained therapists for the full treatment.

Since none of them are handy to the Middle of Nowhere, I’ll be muddling along on my own. In addition to muddling, I’ll be modeling my behavior on that of someone whose success I’ve noticed and would like to attain for myself.

Betcha can’t guess who that might be!

P.S. Did 4.25 miles yesterday, in the very humid early afternoon. It felt great, especially the fourth mile, for some reason.

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