Thursday, July 16, 2009

I was wrong

My e-mail still is not fixed. My next move is to call the phone company. My ISP is more than willing to help, but now I can't get a dial tone on the line we usually use for the computer. So I'm doing computer stuff in the wee hours of the morning when civilized people don't make telephone calls. Heh.

Today I will be walking in the wee hours of the morning … I have a doctor's appointment at 10:30 and we have plans to visit some friends from mid-afternoon to evening. If my intention is to get five miles in every day, than now is the time.

It really doesn't matter much which phone line I'm using. I can open some web pages, but not others. I can send mail, but it's slow, and sometimes I can even send an attachment. It's not consistent and working with a techie over the phone is frustrating and tiresome.

I walked 10K with my husband yesterday. Instead of five hilly miles on our road, we went to his favorite spot, a flat, shady road that runs by a little creek. It's a lovely walk. When we finished, I picked about a quart of wild berries and now I have enough for another cobbler. Probably enough for a pie, actually.

My next knitting project will be this hat for my older granddaughter who love-love-loves all things Harry Potter. She was Hermione for Halloween the year the first book was published, and her enthusiasm hasn't waned in the ensuing years.

Gotta run. Er, walk. Have a great Thursday.

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altopower said...

What a pain to be having email and phone problems! It's odd that you have computer access but not dial tones.

The walk with your DH sounds restful and pretty; water nearby always makes me happy. Plus wild berries - yum! The Hermoine hat is adorable. I'm a wild HP fan my ownself :)