Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I HEART vegetable gardening

Living in the Middle of Nowhere has its disadvantages (I'm lookin' at YOU, dial-up!). But having enough room to plant a large vegetable garden is not one of them. I've been able to saunter out to the garden two days in a row to harvest part of our dinner.

Monday night I sautéed seasoned chicken breasts in olive oil, then added lots o' veggies (including our first zucchini and some sugar snap peas), simmered it in a little orange juice until everything was yummy and served it over rice.

Last night I fixed my favorite pesto pasta concoction with chicken sausages and fresh vegetables.

So I'm on a roll with the clean eating and I walked five miles yesterday afternoon. It was hot, but there was a nice breeze and I found a patch of ripe blackberries. I'm going back today with a container!

We have wild blackberries at the edge of our woods, but they're not quite ready to pick yet. And usually the birds grab them before I get a chance. I hope there's enough for all of us this summer.

I've already dug up some garden stuff that didn't work out too well, and replanted those areas with sweet corn and edamame. Still to come: yellow squash (soon! There are lots of baby ones on the plants.), okra, cucumbers, tomatoes and Chinese cabbage.

You can have your grocery store on the corner. I'll take the one in my back yard. Yum!


pjbknit said...

how are your edamame doing? I put a row in my garden, and they never sprouted. I have lots of little soybean plants now to transplant-they look great. Enjoy reading your blog.

Debbi said...

They've just started sprouting; I planted them about a week ago. Next year I'm going to keep better records!

denise said...

I'm SO jealous - I would love to have a garden to pick dinner items from. On the other hand, I would NOT love working in the garden - planting, weeding, etc. So I guess what I would really love would be to live on a large estate with a gardener! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Speaking of ticket, just read that someone won the $131 million Mega Millions last night - and I forgot to buy a ticket, so I don't see the whole estate with gardener thing happening any time soon. :-(