Thursday, August 13, 2009

Am I on?

Well, well, well … Blogger is cooperating today.

I have tried almost every day this week to connect, with (obviously) no success. I feel like I have to typefast! before the connection is disrupted.

Still maintaining my weight – it goes up or down two pounds, depending on who knows what – and still maintaining my five-mile-a-day walking regimen. This week is tricky. My husband and I were invited to a town hall meeting on healthcare in Charleston, WV, Tuesday morning and I have to go to a seminar Friday. In order to make up for two days off, I've extended my route to seven miles. Each of the three times I've done it this week I've been able to cut a few minutes off my time, and yesterday I made it in slightly less than two hours.

I have to say that I'm enjoying walking for its own sake, regardless of the lack of weight loss. I still look forward to hitting the road and I feel really good about myself for keeping it up. Results aren't always a number on the scale, but you couldn't have told me that last year. Or even last spring.

The garden is spectacular Рspectacularly filled with weeds, that is. But there's some food in there, too. Last night we had collard greens (saut̩ed with onions, turnips and a tiny piece of country ham and then steamed until tender), stewed tomatoes (not mine) with okra (yes, mine!) and the most amazing goat-cheese ravioli with creamy walnut sauce. (None of the ingredients were from the garden but it's definitely worth the trouble to make it and I thought you should know about it.)

We're going to have lots of tomatoes, or else we'll have lots of green ones, I'm not sure. And I'm hoping my late-planted corn will yield an ear or two before the first frost. The stalks still aren't very tall, but when I compare mine to the Amish late planting, mine are about the same height.

My first cucumber is ready to pick and there are several little babies and, of course, there's still enough crookneck and zucchini to feed a village. Oh, and the edamame are big plants now, with little purple flowers that promise to turn into pods. Soon, I hope!

My knee is much better – Aleve is a beautiful thing – and the sweater I started a couple weeks ago gets a few rows longer every day.

So that's what's up with me. I think it's time to go walk.

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