Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Quote Day

Have a dream, make a plan, go for it.
You'll get there, I promise.

~ Zoe Koplowitz

This quote works pretty well to wrap up this week, don't you think? The good thing is not only have I worked on my plan, I've actually been doing it, too. I've managed to walk or run every day so far. I decided digging a trench around the garlic/onion bed was a decent trade-off for weight training. It certainly was a good upper-body workout, whether you agree the trade-off was a good one or not. I've been on track limiting daily calorie consumption to 1200 and I've been journaling everything in CalorieKing.

In AA we say, "Plan the plan, not the results." I must admit I'm hoping for a good result when I weigh myself Monday, but based on my previous history, I probably shouldn't be disappointed with whatever number shows up.

In order to "get there," I maybe need to redefine my goals. One goal is to complete a marathon before I'm 60. It may very well be the Country Music Marathon next April. The only way I'd switch from the full to the half is if my granddaughter and daughter decide to do the half. It's complicated. (Not really, but it's complicated to explain.)

I probably don't need to change that goal, but I may need to not put a time limit on finishing. Extra pounds equals additional minutes/mile when I run, there's no getting around that.

In the next 26 weeks (that's how long until the race), I hope to lose 26 pounds. That will put me one pound lighter than when I got married in August, 2006. That's a goal I can live with, although the number of calories I'm burning/eating should result in a larger loss. Again, all I have to do is look at my previous history in order to be realistic about weight loss as a goal.

The ultimate goal is to maintain my health. I'm one of those fit fat people right now. I don't want to lose the fit part.

Just the fat.

Here are some pictures of the garden. The straw-covered mound is 3 feet wide and 20 feet long, so I hand-dug a 46-foot trench yesterday. That probably took an hour, after which I planted garlic cloves and onion sets, and seeded the remaining garden plot with rye grass.

Looking straight on; it looks rather like a grave, doesn't it?

A view looking east; that's my dog, Molly, although she looks rather bearlike here.


Doc Manette said...

Love the quote. I will be implementing "have the dream, make the plan" plan. (exercise/job search /moving out of my parents home once job secured.)

I like your weight loss goal too and I know you will succeed.

Prior to the "life interruption", I was a very fit "fat lady". I remember the doctor was surprised by how long I lasted on the treadmill stress test and how "healthy" (at that time) my heart rate was . . .not anymore - I think I have the eating down - just have to make the exercise plan.

Regarding your comment on my post the other day, I can't imagine you having any age related incidents (negative) because you have the face of a teenager.

After all your hard work this week, I hope the scale rewards you.

altopower said...

Have the dream, make a plan is one thing. Them you actually have to DO the plan, and you are in that place. You are being realistic and steadfast, and are an inspiration to me :)

gheintz said...
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Sunny CA said...
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