Monday, April 12, 2010

The booties ... and other random stuff

You can find the free! pattern here ...

Mama-to-be seemed delighted with them, and even wondered if her new daughter would even be able to wear them. I offered she might for about five minutes. They're incredibly adorable.

The weekend was good ... Ohio's spring is just as beautiful as West Virginia's has been, and I was surprised to see tons of creeping phlox creeping all over the place there, as mine has not yet begun to flower. Perhaps it doesn't get enough sun in its current location.

I'm so anxious to till and plant and work in the dirt. The universe is conspiring against me. The neighbor who tills the garden has some health problems and is seeing a doctor tomorrow, so he wasn't able to get the first pass done over the weekend, as he'd planned to do. A different neighbor is picking up the slack, but hasn't gotten to it yet and he's a lot busier than neighbor #1.

While I don't enjoy mowing as much as I enjoy gardening, the mowing still needs to be done. The mower's brakes went out last September and I turned the machine over to the mechanic at that time, figuring he'd have months to work on it. Of course he started a week ago, and the grass needs to be mowed, um, last week. Patience, grasshopper, patience.

Not my best virtue, and I figure the universe must know that or it wouldn't be throwing me so many curve balls.

Let's not talk about exercise or healthful eating today, as there was darned little of it over the weekend. It's that dance I do so well: Two steps forward, one step back.

Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day.


Elora said...

OHHHH! HOW CUTE!!! Pretty booties! Guess it's a girl!!:-))

Must be the shade on your creeping flocks. Mine is in full glory and has been for several days, now.


Beth said...

What a perfect post for me to see today! I justed learned yesterday that I will be a grandmother for the first time in December!