Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy as bees

I must admit, it's difficult to think of something to write about other than the tumor in my husband's neck. We spend our days staying busy so we don't think about it, but the very fact that we're manufacturing "busy-ness" makes us both aware of what's really on our minds. And, to be honest, when I'm not creating a distraction, I'm playing some kind of addictive computer game. If it hadn't turned cold this weekend, I'd have been in the garden. Wearing mud boots, for sure, but I'm definitely ready to dig in the dirt.

Men's college basketball was a good distraction this weekend. I don't know if Butler can legitimately be called a Cinderella team, since they made it to the Final Four last year, but they were a high seed and made it again. The true Cinderella designation belongs to our neighbor to the east, Virginia Commonwealth. They played one of the first entry-level games in the tournament, and there was much discussion about whether they even deserved to be there.

I think they proved their mettle, knocking off Kansas, the only remaining #1 seeded team. They play Butler next weekend; should they win, they will then play the winner of the Kentucky/Connecticut game for all the marbles. The glass slipper, if you will. For once, I'd be happy if any of the four teams won the championship.

Thinking about Japan and the tragedy there always brings us back to reality and offers some perspective. iTunes has arranged with 38 artists to offer a "Songs for Japan" playlist for just $9.99, with proceeds benefiting that devastated country. My favorite artist, Bob Dylan, is on there, with (what else?) his iconic Shelter from the Storm. It's an easy way to help out, even if you've already sent a donation to one of the worthy groups who are working there. I like that it doesn't involve actually staging a benefit concert, while in effect it is a benefit concert. No lights, camera, action, venue, audience, expense. Just lots of great music, helping those in need.

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Mindy said...

I'm behind in my blog reading and just caught up with you today. Sending you hugs and prayers.

As for gardening....wish it were warmer for sure. We're coming to the end of our canned goods way too quickly.

Will be keeping you in my thoughts as you wait for the date to arrive when you will know the next step.