Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Quote Day

What worries you masters you.
Maddon W. Robinson

In an effort to try to live more normally – that is, to live in a way that doesn't involve thinking about illness and treatment and death all day long – my husband and I went shopping yesterday.

We don't go shopping, as a rule. I go shopping, rarely, and usually just for groceries. So I'm not sure how "normal" it was to drive to the nearest large city that has a bookstore. And a Target. But that's what we did, instead of anything else we might have done here at home.

And it felt good. We had a nice day, with a late lunch (the Garden Bar at Ruby Tuesday's) that ended up leaving both of us too full for dinner when we got back home.

One day down, 11 to go, to learn the nature of what is growing in his neck.

I'm shocked, shocked! that I've gained just two pounds in all of this. I feel like I can get back on track – get back to normal – without too much effort. Walking is a pleasure, a good habit that I greatly miss when circumstances prevent my taking one, as they have recently. If I can stop the mindless snacking, and stop buying things to mindlessly snack on, I can get the food back in line.

One day at a time. That's worked in the past, solving other life problems. No reason it won't work for this. In the end, it's really the only way to tackle any issue because in the end, really, all we have is this day. To make the best of it is a good goal.

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Vickie said...

I had forgotten, but 30 years ago knew a man who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He quit smoking and started doing major cardio and dropped all his extra weight. Not saying your husband isn't in shape or has any extra weight. Saying this man turned the situation around to an empowering one. Made huge changes in his health and life. I knew of him for 10 years after that and he did very well. For all I know he is still doing well, our circles drifted apart and I lost track.