Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Quote Day

Things do not change; we change.
~ Henry David Thoreau

Or at least we make the effort. And in making the effort, change happens. As Yoda said, "Do or do not. There is no try."

Wow, two quotes in one day. Does that make up for no quote last Friday? I hope so!

To paraphrase one of the most successful political campaigns in recent history, "Yes she can!" I did my little 10-minute weight-training routine yesterday morning immediately after posting and before I could let anything else distract me. And it wasn't so awful. I just need to put my big-girl panties on and get it done without thinking about it. Every other day, it's what I do. Just like every day I brush my teeth, take a shower, make coffee, check my e-mail.

Modern technology has expanded the to-do list. Heh.

Now that I can download podcasts in a timely manner (at least when I haven't run out of gigabytes), I've started listening to Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone. I've been reading Shauna's blog since for-freaking-ever, and have read her book. A coupla times! I've wanted to listen to the podcast she and Carla from MizFit have produced for more than a year now, but dial-up downloads are a drag.

With the 3G modem? Not much of a drag at all, and I've downloaded all available episodes. (Along with a learn-to-speak-French podcast and one on gardening. Which is most certainly why I'm pushing the data transfer limit.)

Anyhow, I started listening to Two Fit Chicks yesterday while I was walking, and I love it! The two episodes I've heard so far were both inspiring and even though I have nothing in the way of weight loss to show for my efforts, I still feel like success is in my future.

I hope I always keep this attitude. I passed a guy trimming trees yesterday, who remarked that he was glad I was the one doing the walking every day. I said, "Can you imagine what I'd look like if I didn't walk every day?"

He didn't reply to that, his mama must have taught him some manners!

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