Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello, Internets, how I've missed you!

Running out of Gigabytes before you run out of billing cycle is like:

  1. Running out of yarn before you complete the sweater.
  2. Running out of energy before you reach the finish line.
  3. Running out of seeds before the end of the row.
  4. Running out of calories before the end of the day.
  5. All of the above.

I haven't connected to the internet using the 3G modem since I got back from the beach. I went to town one day last week and stole some bandwidth from McDonald's, but everything else I've done "online" has been accomplished with the BlackBerry.

Which was fine, really, but still.

If I were still on the BlackBerry exclusively, I wouldn't have just deleted all my e-mails. My e-mails (I have a Gmail account) are sent to three computers and in order to stop that nonsense, I disabled the account on one of them. Then this morning I decided (I'm so brilliant) that if I downloaded the current e-mails to read later and then deleted them from the Gmail repository at Google Mail, I could enable that account again and it wouldn't be repeating something I've already done (thus using Gigabytes for something I've already done). (I realize upon rereading that this doesn't make a lick of sense, but it does to me and it's my blog. So there. Heh.)

What I didn't know, because I'm stupid, is that when I deleted the Google Mail mail, all of it was deleted from my Apple Mail program as well. Oops! I hope there wasn't anything important in there!

Well, I have a nice clean slate, anyway. Heh.

Winter has come and gone again since Sunday. It rained, rained, rained, sleeted, snowed, snowed, snowed and then yesterday it got wam and melted, melted, melted. The sky is glowing red this morning (sailor's warning) and I read a Flood Warning before I deleted everything. A nearby river was dangerously close to flood stage Sunday night/Monday morning and will probably get there again tomorrow. I hope it won't be a repeat of last year's disastrous floods.

Today, according to the gardening calendar, I'm supposed to plant lettuce and spinach outdoors. It's a little muddy for that; it'll have to wait until next week, or maybe the weekend, if we get some sun and wind to dry things out. According to the workout calendar I'm supposed to walk, but not lift weights. Because I did that yesterday!

I'm awesome, aren't I?

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