Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outstanding in their field

Usually when we have no water we also have no electricity. Not so this time … I'm trying to be grateful for that, at least.

When I woke up Monday I noticed that we had incredibly powerful water pressure, something that isn't the norm here in the Middle of Nowhere. We live "on a well," as they like to say around these parts, where water pressure is adequate, but not impressive.

So we called our friend Jack, who cleared his schedule and came a-running to figure out what the problem was. Jack truly is a jack-of-all-trades, electrician being the primary one. And he's helped us out in the past, so he knows our system. (When you live on a well, you either have had problems with your pump, or you will.)

Our pump and well are located quite a distance from our house. Thank goodness for my all-wheel drive vehicle, because the road – I use that term loosely – isn't very vehicle-friendly, unless your vehicle is of the all-terrain persuasion. Or a tractor, which I guess is the same thing.

Anyhoo. I made two trips to the pump location yesterday. The first was in daylight, and these guys greeted me enthusiastically.

We won't bother you if you don't bother us.
Try your horn! We don't understand English!
Objects in mirror are not only closer than they appear, they're bigger!

The second trip was after dark. And guess what? We still have no water. And guess what else? It's raining this morning, and not safe to be messing around with electricity outdoors. Not to mention the fact that even though my car is all-wheel drive, I almost got stuck last night, and would hate to tempt fate on even wetter, messier, muckier ground.

So we're going to be spending the night in a hotel, because we can. I've chosen one that has a workout facility, free breakfast and wi-fi. What more could you ask for?

Before Jack came yesterday morning, I got up and walked for 90 minutes. I'm continuing to be awesome, doncha think? If I tried that today, though, I'd not only be soaked to the skin, I'd stink by the time I got done. Or, if I took body wash along, I could just shower on the hoof. So to speak. 


gingersnapper said...

Sorry about the water, but enjoy the hotel!

I'm kind of afraid of cows. I don't trust them.

Debbi said...

I actually thought about you when I became surrounded by all those cows! I thought while I was busy taking picture after picture after picture, you'd probably be freaking out. Then again, you don't strike me as the type who "freaks out" very much or very often. But I know you don't care for cows!

denise said...

I totally agree - You ARE awesome!

gingersnapper said...

No, I don't freak out or anything, I just cross the street to avoid them.