Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Quote Day

No one has ever
become poor by giving.
~ Anne Frank

It seems appropriate, as this week wraps up, to express my heartfelt gratitude once again for your concern and support. Health scares are scary, people! I'm so glad you were willing to come along for the up-and-down emotional ride. You've given me strength, friendship, comfort and serenity with your kind words and gentle thoughts.

In a way, it feels awkward to feel so close to so many people I've not met in person. The irony of living in the Middle of Nowhere and at the same time having all of you in my corner is not lost, that's for sure.

We're not done yet, of course. Second opinion appointment is Wednesday, with surgery to remove the mass at some point after that. But the heavy cloud that crushed us for a while has certainly blown on through. Thanks for helping me get through it.

I will pay it forward, at every opportunity.

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