Monday, May 9, 2011

What's eating Susie Strawberry?

I was so surprised the other day to see this in the garden, it seems much too early for strawberries to ripen:

I was equally surprised to turn it over and find half of it gone!

A little internet sleuthing has convinced me that slugs are the problem. Beer is the number-one slug deterrent, but I don't have any. Coffee grounds also are suggested; those I have plenty of, so I'll start spreading them around the plants instead of dumping them in the compost pile.

When I found this first half-eaten berry, I didn't think too much of it. I figured there would be plenty for human and bird/slug consumption. But from what I've read this morning, some people never get to harvest a single berry from their plants. I'd rather not be one of them. Heh.

I was in a fruity mood over the weekend. Finding ripe strawberries and putting in some blackberry bushes tipped me over the edge: I planted three apple trees.

I can see them from my dining room table, and believe me, the view is lovely! This picture is from a different angle. The closest tree (in the center) is a Granny Smith. To the left is a Honeycrisp and to the right is a Yellow Transparent, which already has ...

BABY FRUIT! I wasn't expecting to plant a tree and pick an apple the same year, but this one will provide a very modest harvest later this summer, if all goes well.

My husband continues to do very well. His neck doesn't hurt at all, but his throat is still sore from being intubated. Other than that, he's back to normal activities. Also? It will be eight weeks tomorrow that he stopped smoking. For him to go this long without a puff, well, trust me, there is a God.


  1. Yayyyy for growing fruit! Honeycrisp apples are the bomb - great choice. Isn't it great to have the web available with resources and ideas about what's wrong and how to fix it? I hope you get some berries and don't lose the crop to slugs. Dump those coffee grounds around.

  2. Those apple trees will look beautiful when they're flowering, too, so I'm glad you can see them from the house.

    Good news about the DH!

  3. We spent a summer with one bite out of each strawberry and thought it was opossums. They were actual 'bites'.

  4. Great to hear your husband is doing well :)

    Love all your fruit plants... there's something that makes you feel so wholesome about growing fruit. It seems more glam than veggie somehow :)

  5. Wonderful to hear your husband is doing so well!

    Fruit trees remind me of my grandparents place - the only time I've heard anyone talk about transparent apples - and northern spies! My grandmother made the best applesauce...


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