Monday, June 20, 2011

A month of grandchildren

I don't write about my grandchildren much here. This isn't a grandma blog, after all, it's a knitting, running, reaping and eating blog. And while we won't have the pleasure of all their company the entire month of June, we will have seen all but one grandchild by the end of this month.

Between my husband and me, we have seven grands: three girls (14, almost 4 and almost 1) and four boys (10 and three-year-old triplets). We'll miss seeing the baby this month, but her birthday is July 6 and we're going to help her celebrate.

My two older grandchildren were here early this month, my grandson for one week and my granddaughter for two. She went home yesterday, after a quick trip to see her little cousin (my younger granddaughter) dance in her first recital. My older granddaughter has never seen a recital – she's been in one or two every year since she was four, but has never been in the audience, so she was very excited.

The little one did a fine job, she remembered all her moves and kept up with the music and wasn't afraid of being on stage before a packed auditorium of adoring parents and grandparents. In fact, she said she looked for us and couldn't find us!

Toddler recitals are funny and sweet; someone always dances to her own tune or makes an especially endearing exit. I have loved watching my older granddaughter develop from a sweet little girl, a bit unsure of herself, into an accomplished dancer proficient in ballet, tap, modern and jazz. She wants a career in dance, and she has all the elements necessary for it. It will be equally satisfying watching the younger one as she progresses.

The triplets are coming this weekend with their dad, leaving Mom and baby sister at home for some welcome alone time. Last time they were here there were no accidents or incidents, so I must have done something right as far as toddler-proofing the house. (We haven't always been so lucky!)

Today, though, I think I'll take a break. I might do some laundry, I might take a walk, but I might just relax and do next to nothing today.

Film, as they say, at eleven.

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gingersnapper said...

I'm glad you're getting your money's worth out of the grandkids :)

After reading your life story - which was fascinating and thanks for publishing it - I'm happy you've got a nice big family like this.