Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bummed. Seriously bummed.

Although I shouldn't be, it's not going to be a great day for outdoor walking anyway. But I really love it and I'm going to miss it and I'm not looking forward to climbing on the elliptical.

Thanks for your supportive comments and good thoughts. Here's a question.

I didn't intentionally skip breakfast to compensate for the reduced activity, it just worked out that way. But since my activity is going to be reduced for a month or so (I hope no longer than that!), should I cut back more on meals?

Russ and Jeff would say no, of course, and I understand their theory. Unfortunately their theory hasn't worked very well for me. I started increasing my caloric intake a year ago, trying to eat at a level which would maintain my ideal weight, and all I did was gain a few more pounds. I'm still not sure their plan works for older lifetime dieters who have, for all intents and purposes, killed their metabolisms.

Denise mentioned doing some core work, and that's something I've completely neglected. I'm going to assume Denise is younger than I. In order to do core work, you pretty much have to get on the floor. I can still get on the floor. Getting back up is my problem.

I really, really, really wish I'd taken better care of myself the last 10 years.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Maybe you could add some low-impact yoga and stretching moves that don't require getting all the way down to the floor? Or keep a stepladder or some other aid nearby to help you up from the floor.

Do you have a porch with steps, or is there a bench or a low wall somewhere that is wide enough to safely do your core excercises on, and then allows you to sit up, swing your legs over the edge and stand? Since you will be stuck inside with the elliptical, doing some other parts of your routine outdoors could help alleviate the tedium.

I have a question for you: How is your energy level, and how will it be if you lower your food intake?

Based on the walks and workouts you've been doing, it seems your level must be pretty good. However, even with reduced activity, there could be drop in energy if your intake is too low. It could result in even the reduced activity leaving you fatigued, and ultimately set you back by making it too difficult to get a proper workout. Overworking underfed muscles is asking for strains and soreness beyond that of healthy exercise.

There could be other health risks as well. What you've been doing has put new strains on your body - strengthening and building new muscle, keeping bones strong and tendons supple, firing up organs that have been coasting for a while (and even making some changes in that gorgeous brain of yours!) that require lots of different nutrients. In your FOOD ABCs post you stated that you don't take vitamins. Will you be able to get all the nutrients you need if you reduce your intake further?

While there are balances between activity levels and caloric intake, they aren't the only aspect of eating. Please give this some very serious thought before making this move. At the very least I think you'll have to plan your meals much more carefully to be sure you get everything you need.

denise said...

I got nothing for you on the whole calorie thing - like you, I've read about how too much of a calorie deficit can backfire, but I know that nothing in this life applies to everyone (except maybe death - and if Herman Cain gets elected (yikes!) taxes).

However, I am only 3 years younger than you and I've got a knee that is, according to my orthopedist, about a year from needing a replacement. Believe me, when I get down, the getting up ain't pretty. Which is why when I get down I stay down and do all that stuff at once. But core is important cause, well...they don't call it core for nothing.

Of course, none of it is any fun. I'm only doing anything because I'm back to working with a trainer. Otherwise, I'd be a bump on the coach ALL the time instead of MOST of the time!

Good luck figuring it out. I've had PF, so I know it's no fun. Fingers crossed this bout doesn't last long!