Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Quote Day

It's not about how fast you go.
It's not about how far you go.
It's a process.
~ Amby Burfoot

Ain't that the truth?

What a very busy week it's been here. The weather has been crappy to lovely and everything in between, and I've been able to keep up with the walks every day. Ditto the strength training (no one is more surprised than I am about that!) and making this a snack-free zone.

I'm having trouble journaling my food and, surprisingly, drinking as much water. I'm here (at my daughter's) on a mission and am busy, busy, busy. I should be jotting the meals down on paper and entering them online when I have time to get online (which isn't often), but I just haven't been doing it. I drink water when I think about it, but it appears to be easier to drink more water when one sits on one's butt in front of a monitor than when one is, um, busy.

Oh, well. As the young folk say, 'it is what it is.'

I still feel good about the process almost three weeks into it. I'm heading home tomorrow and will grab a few rest-stop walks on the way home to get my miles in. I hope both of you have a great weekend.

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Anne M. said...

Congrats on keeping up with walks and strength training - you're ahead of me on both. I'm also having trouble with the journaling. It sounds so easy in theory but then we get busy and skip and then, wham! it's been 2 days, or more, and it's hard to get back. Let's work on that together.

Are you drinking glasses or bottles of water? I know that when I drink glasses, I have a hard time keeping track. Mostly I use a bottle and only need 4-5 of those/day to get to my quota. Easier to count :)

Hope you got home safely :)