Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving right along

Thanks for your comment, Mindy, it was just what I needed to read to stay on track yesterday. I was beginning to hit the slippery slope of habit-making, so getting an attagirl – and knowing that what I'm doing is inspiring you – kept me on the beam.

I wrote a fairly long, somewhat coherent post on August 1, that was sort of a manifesto for doing what I need to do to lose some of this weight. I then proceeded to blow August and September off like a bad date.

My apologies to the late summer months.

My five missions (the link takes you to the post where I declared the original four, I've since added journaling), which I committed to last week, are working well. Okay, maybe not well, since I haven't technically lost any weight, but I'm noticing changes in my attitude, if not my waistline. (And, weirdly, my wedding ring is so loose it keeps twisting around so the blingy part is on the palm side of my hand. Progress? Who knows?)

  • I make time for a walk every day. It's important. (I'm important.)
  • No snacking is not killing me.
  • It's okay to be hungry.
  • I'm not too tired to do those baby strength-training exercises every day.
  • I'd almost rather drink water than coffee. And I haven't had a diet soda since I started this, this, whatever it is. (Soda is not off-limits, I'm just drinking water instead.)

I'm at the very, very beginning of accepting that if I want to be able to play for a few more years, I'm going to have to do this work now. Otherwise, I'm going to end up on my ass or bedridden for the rest of my life, having other people take care of me.

It's that serious.

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gingerzingi said...

You know, my wedding ring is looser too. I seem to lose weight everywhere except around my waist. Either that or the universe is telling me my wedding vows are no longer tightly binding.

Hmm. Will think that one over ;-D

Your last paragraph: yes, that's exactly the way I feel. I'm trying to set myself up for an active old age, which doesn't happen from an inactive middle age. I think the daily exercise you're doing is MUCH more important than whatever number of pounds you weigh. Keep going!

And many kudos for your strength training! I confidently predict that you're going to turn a corner with it, and suddenly become an absolute weight-lifting MONSTER, scaring everyone else at the gym. RAARRRRHHHH!