Monday, October 17, 2011


Well. Well, well, well. Should this morning's scale number be divided between two weeks, or did all of it happen this past week? It's an easy number to divide, and I've been consistent for two weeks, so it should probably be split, doncha think?

That means I lost three pounds for each of the last two weeks. SIX pounds total. Excuse me, I mean
I'm going to do everything I can to stay on track while I'm gone this week. There's little more I can promise. I'm really motivated to keep it up. The dumbbells are packed (and my luggage weighs a ton!), I'm taking a thermos of water in the car and I know where are the rest stops are between here and Nashville. I think I'll walk a bit at each of them, then walk again when I arrive at my destination. Hope to get a total of 80 minutes done by the end of the day.


denise said...

WOO HOO!!! That's FABULOUS. So glad to see all your hard work paying off. There's apparently much to be said for consistency.

Good luck with everything in Nashville. I'm sure this report from the scale was just what you needed to be motivated to stay on track while away.

Have fun.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Hey YOU! I just caught up on the last week or so of posts, and I'm so damn elated for you.

Running four miles was a better proof of your success than a number on a scale. Still, I know that number means so much, and those six pounds on the scale must be matched by an equal weight of doubt and disappointment taken off your shoulders.

I can tell you exactly what happened to those six pounds - they had leave to make room for all the endurance, willpower, and sheer gritty determination that you've gained. Keep going strong, and have a great trip.

MarilynB said...

SO glad those SIX pounds came off and know your are too. You are a motavation for me and do I ever need it now.

I've put on between 13 and 15 pounds since January. A bit of stress with DH heart surgery in Jan. and just plain EATING TOO MUCH. I know the best thing for me is to write down every bite I put in my mouth and will do that even though I'm headed to the beach in South Carolina and DD's in North Carolina next week. I am exercising more regularly in the pool each week and that should help to.

Congratulations on a great two weeks, keep up the good life. (I started to write "good work" but realized it is you "good life.")

Anonymous said...

Let me agree with everyone else. Keep up the great work!

D said...

Awesome! I can imagine how fantastic it felt to see that change on the scale, finally!