Monday, October 17, 2011

Stats. And THANKS!

Well, today was not perfect, but it came awfully darned close.

First, though, thanks for the many comments. Y'all are awesome! I'm pretty sure six pounds in one (or even two) weeks is a fluke, but it looked great this morning and I'm very motivated to continue working on these new habits.

So here's how it went down on travel day.

I ended up walking for about an hour total, 25 minutes at one rest stop, 20 at another and 15 much later in the day, after I arrived. At my normal 3 mph pace, that's only three miles. But I'll give myself credit for making the effort, because normally I would totally blow off walking on a day when I have to drive for seven hours.

I increased the upper-body reps to 15 this week. Same moves – tricep kickbacks, front raises, front laterals, curls. I lost count doing the wall push-ups, but I'm sure I did more than 15.

I drank a ton of water today. Way more than I thought I would. Way more than I do at home, actually.

None! I did, however, have a most delicious fast-food lunch of chicken strips and french fries, something I would never eat at home.

When I finished tallying up the day's food, I was less than 100 calories over my targeted goal.

Not too bad, all in all. Again, thanks for hanging in there with me and encouraging me and boosting my spirits. I have the best blog readers in the world.

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Mindy said...

Sorry I missed your earlier post. I'm traveling this week too. Congratulations!