Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stats, plus a strength-training "duh"

The boring stuff first.

Walked five miles in 98 minutes
Drank a gallon of water and then some more
Upper-body strength training, plus 12 wall push-ups
No snacks. Today's food consisted of:

The usual yogurt/fruit/granola combo for breakfast.
Leftover lasagna, salad and pumpkin pie for lunch. (I didn't know which bite to eat last. Do any of you save the best flavor for last? Especially when there won't be any more of it until you make it again?)
Chicken sausage, white bean and kale soup, with one slice of whole-wheat bread for dinner. (This soup is one of our favorites, let me know if you'd like the recipe.)

And the "duh" is that I've been using the same dumbbells for upper-body work for 13 days and only today did I notice they were EIGHT-pound weights, not five-pounders, as I've been reporting.

Maybe I'm a badass after all. Heh.

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gingerzingi said...

You are totally a badass :)

I remember when I discovered my 5-pound dumbbells actually weighed in at 6 pounds. All that time I'd been lifting an extra pound...!

Unsolicited suggestion: next time you're in the big city (whichever big city is near you), go to Sears or a second-hand sports store, and think about getting a bar and a few plate weights. If you had four 10-lb plates it would give you a lot of versatility. The bar usually weighs about 10 lbs (regular, not olympic, bar) so you'd have a range of 10 to 50 pounds to do deadlift, military press, bench press... the possibilities are endless. And at the rate you're going, you'll outgrow your dumbbells soon :D

I also save the best bite for last. I've thought sometimes maybe I would eat less if I ate the good part first.