Monday, October 24, 2011

Stats, Week 4, Day 1

  • Four miles in 79 minutes. 4.05, actually. Beautiful day for a walk!
  • Three meals, no one snack. I don't know what came over me, but about 3:30 I was wandering around the kitchen, opening the pantry and refrigerator looking for something. I ended up eating a plain whole-wheat soft flour tortilla. The no-snack rule didn't even enter my mind. Grrr.
  • Upper-body strength training. Ouch! 15 reps of five moves, plus the wall push-ups. Thought it best to stick with 15 instead of increasing again this week. I think my next increase will be to go to two sets of 10.
  • Four 16-ounce cups of water.
  • Journaled everything at FatSecret. Including the tortilla.
I had a great salad for lunch today. I mixed a head of torn romaine with some onions, bread-and-butter pickles, a tomato and 2 oz. of farmer's cheese, and dressed it with olive oil and rosemary/garlic vinegar. The sweetness of the pickles made it a most delicious salad!

Oh, and I completely forgot it was Food Day until I saw lots of tweets about it while I was walking.

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Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Welcome home and welcome back to being on track. I don't know if a whole wheat flour tortilla counts as a snack, compared to some other options. OOPS - of course it does! I'm not about to switch from cheerleader to enabler. Still, good going on the day.

Bread 'n' Butter are my favorite pickles and a great way to add just the right touch of sweetness to a salad or sandwich.