Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who had Santa call me?

Late yesterday morning Santa left a voice mail on my cell phone. (I was driving in one of the many cell phone dead zones here in the Middle of Nowhere, or I would have answered his call!) The beginning of it was cut off, which probably had a clue or two in it to let me know who put the big guy up to it.

It was funny – Santa somehow knew that what I wanted most for Christmas was a better economy (tru dat!) and he actually mentioned that I lived in the middle of nowhere (I guess it's true that he sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're holed up in the middle of nowhere!) He asked me to leave him vegan cupcakes and he mentioned he was going to do some yoga. I've erased the message so I don't remember all the variables.

At the end was a hint that it's a GMail product, so it wasn't difficult to find the website where I could arrange to have Santa call someone I know and love. (How did you – the one out there who arranged it for me – find it in the first place? Did GMail e-mail you to let you know? I would have gone the entire holiday season not knowing about this!)

The options are funny and clever and, like yesterday's snowy screen, the call from Santa makes me think working for Google must be a hoot!

Time for some food porn. I'm really glad the end of December is on the horizon. January approacheth! Fresh start! New beginning!

Horrible photo, but delicious treats!
And so, so easy. If you're short on time,
this should be on your to-do list.
The Cookie Truffles are delicious! And pretty! And, um, delicious! I allowed myself just one, and I made sure my husband knew we were taking them to the party Saturday night so I wouldn't wake up to an empty plate. (He's a night eater. And skinny. SO not fair.)

I also made more peppermint bark (so easy), but used a recipe that mimics Williams-Sonoma's layered $22/pound treat. Next up is Saltine Toffee (I'm SO not kidding and it's SO addictive) and then a batch of salted caramels and some kind of nut brittle. Probably with cinnamon.

I think five things is enough to share with a houseful of people, and there will be tons of other desserts. Our hosts are Greek, so there's always baklava, and Christmas Eve is the only day of the year I ever eat it.

It's a really good thing I figured out the Netflix-Nook-elliptical connection, don't you think? Today's agenda is:

  • breakfast
  • make mozzarella
  • Season 1, Episode 5 of Glee elliptical
  • make treats!
  • make pizza

Time's a wasting. Have a great Wednesday!


ws said...

Are you becoming a gleek?

Debbi said...

It is entirely possible that I am becoming a gleek ... but after only a few episodes, I'm not quite ready to commit.