Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I like last week's results better

Tuesdays are weigh-in days around here. Last Tuesday I loudly and proudly announced a total loss of 10 pounds in six weeks. Today? Not so much.

After seven weeks, I've lost seven pounds. A pound a week, that's supposed to be good, right? But a three-pound gain in one week? That's not so good. And I'm really discouraged.

©Debora J. McNeer
So tired of eating eggs I took a week off.
I haven't eaten an egg all week. Eggs are a go-to breakfast for South Beach followers. I have either been skipping breakfast or eating Shredded Wheat, which is permitted on Phase II, but clearly my body is hanging on to every delicious carb-laden shred of that wheat.

So. Bummed.

No, really, I am
In fact, I am so bummed I think I'll go scramble an egg. Grrr.

Yesterday's four to six inches of snow has been significantly reduced. It's nearly gone completely from the driveway. The emerging daffodils are planted in an area that didn't get more than a dusting. We lost several birch branches and a huge limb from one of the pines. All in all, not a bad way to kick winter to the curb.

Now it's time to kick the rest of these extra pounds after them.


jen said...

Your body stores carbs with water. That 3 pounds is not fat.

Shauna said...

Bahhh! *kicks your scales* I hate when that happens, my sympathies comrade. I'm with Jen, there's no way that's 3lb of lard with all your hard work. Fingers crossed the numbers behave next week :)