Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions

Tuesday. Weigh-in day. I woke up this morning with "will-I-or-won't-I" going through my head.

(Before I go on, may I just say I would much rather wake up with nothing in my head, or with something pleasant in my head, but waking up with "will I get on the scale or not" in my head is just WRONG.)

As both of you regular readers know, this past weekend included three-too-many restaurant meals, and none of them were good choices. I neglected to tell you that our Saturday lunch with family was at a – get ready – Mexican restaurant! (Not the whole, fresh, fabulous venue I'd assumed my daughter-in-law would choose.) My least favorite cuisine (dieting or not) for two consecutive meals (because I skipped Saturday's breakfast).

We also had a restaurant meal on the way home, and by that time I was tired and in one of those who-gives-a-rat's-ass moods anyway, so it was fast food all the way.

Which explains why I've felt so bad the last couple of days. It hit me this morning, after digesting the comments, that the only allergy I really have is to processed food. I ate far too much salty fried CRAP. Even choosing a salad for Saturday's lunch didn't make up for the damage from the sweet potato fries someone ordered as an appetizer for the whole table. And don't even talk to me about chips and salsa.

So anyway. To sum up: I could have eaten better and I know it. It's not the first time and it won't be the last. Knowing the relationship I have with my scale, I debated about assessing the damage.

In the end, I decided to go for it, because that number is information, not judgement. RIGHT? Also, my wedding ring has been very slippy-slidy lately (my favorite non-scale weight-loss indicator) and my workouts have been pretty consistent. I'm doing things right most of the time, even meals, when you consider that three out of an entire week adds up to a cheat day. Except I spread mine out over two days.

Ten weeks into the year and nine since I started South Beach, and I stayed the same as last week. Eight pounds in 10 weeks. I'm certainly not the poster child for Dr. Agaston's plan, but I'm okay with this week's result. Staying the same feels like a huge victory to me.

It also makes me think I'm boring and shallow for spending so much time thinking, worrying and writing about whether I should get on the effing scale or not. Aren't you glad I limit this kind of silly talk to Tuesdays? Heh.


Mindy said...

It's all about perspective. Good for you getting on the scale and a total win that you stayed the same with THREE meals out. That's great!

I'm fighting with my scales these days too. I don't know why my daughter being home from college on spring break feels like a free pass to eat poorly.

Diandra said...

Eight pounds in ten weeks is fabulous! Look at me, I have been stuck since August! ^^

E. Jane said...

This was just a bump in the road. Get right back with it, and you will continue your good progress. You're so right about restaurant food--the fried and salt. It does me in every time. Here's to a good week!!

from maggie's farm said...

Congratulations on that eight pounds, sister! Isn't it true that all that processed food does actually make us feel like crap? I'm dragging *ss today because I had a mexican breakfast, when a bowl of fruit would have made me feel so much better.
When will I ever learn?

Kathy said...

Celebrate the 8 pounds and that you maintained. You have to be proud!!