Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Here comes my 19th nervous breakdown

The title of today's post continues the theme I started yesterday … heh. But I'm only kidding. Mostly.

Actually yesterday went pretty well. I took Denise's advice and didn't do anything with the word "clean" in it. Which doesn't mean I won't be doing those things, eventually, but I just didn't do them yesterday. Instead I concentrated on the graphic design things – my Democratic women's group is co-hosting a reception for an outgoing government official on June 16th, so I made the guest book, name tags for our group and post cards to remind everyone of the event and of what they're supposed to bring. I'd much rather sit on my ass at the computer than sweep the porches (the back porch is a loooooooong concrete slab that goes from one end of our looooooong ranch-style house to the other) or sort out the soon-to-be-occupied guest room.

Just ask my ever-widening ass about sitting in front of the computer. (Actually I have comfortably worn those new capris a couple of times now. YAY! Also, the link goes to a pretty downer of a post about how those capris were too snug, not to a picture of the new capris. It was good for me to reread that post a month after I wrote it. I'm feeling much better.)

I worked at the garden center yesterday afternoon – a PERFECT day to be outside playing with flowers and plants. Nice breeze, low humidity, reasonable temperatures, clouds and sun. Like I said: PERFECT. Today might be a good day to tackle the weeds in the flower beds, and I need to stake the tomatoes. (Staking tomatoes is not on my written-down to-do list, it's on the one swirling around in my head.) It rained last night and will be cloudy/coolish today – the weeds should pop right out and I won't get overheated.

Like my personality, I think chores should also go with the flow.

Before I leave you humming that Rolling Stones earworm all day, I'm going to point you – YET AGAIN – to Sadie, who continues to inspire gratitude for how well my body works, instead of my default position of wishing it looked better. She ends today's post with this thought:

"Understand your inner dialogue is a crucial part of your entrainment. Continue to tell yourself that you are weak, ugly, or broken and you will never become strong, beautiful, and whole."

Finally: I think I've managed to make this post fit the NaBloPoMo June theme of "Jump" pretty well. Heh.

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Winnie said...

Isn't funny how we are awamped with stuff sometimes all at once. I find that happening more and more to me. Glad you did find time to do your graphic work for your group that is important to you.. and gardening is always good... My house has so many chores waiting for me since I was out all weekend! This weekend will be my catchup and run around one I can see.