Saturday, December 1, 2012


I sat across from the publisher's desk, portfolio in hand, a little nervous, and saw one of those wooden desk nameplate signs. Except it wasn't the publisher's name. The letters displayed were these:

(Forgive me, I guess I'm on a Scrabble kick. Heh.)

We exchanged pleasantries and I then asked, nodding toward the sign, "Do what you said you would do?" Bingo!

I got the job. Not so much for my intuitive skills. I was a pretty good designer.

Those were the days ... we built our
newspapers on an early '90s Macintosh Pro.
A month later I wasn't so sure I wanted it. We were launching a series of weekly newspapers, rolling out community tabloids over several months. My job was to design ads. The technology was brand-new-and-shiny, and the learning curve was, um, steep. We worked 70 hours a week for two weeks straight to meet our first deadline.

Holding that first paper in my hand was pretty sweet, though. And I stayed with that firm, working my way up to Senior Ad Designer, for more than seven years, until I moved from Ohio to West Virginia.

The reason I bring this up is because I wrote yesterday that I would post photos of the journals today. And I can't. I've made journals before, but I forgot that the book covers need an overnight to dry. So. DWYSYWD fail!

If I were really compulsive about D-ing WISIWD, I'd be finishing them up RIGHT NOW, but there's another drying period after you glue the pages into the covers and then you have to add some pretty endpapers inside the front and back covers. I've used most of a container of ModPodge on this and the coaster projects so far. Good thing the rest of my gifts involve knitting needles and a sewing machine.

So. Tomorrow. I promise. I know you're both sitting on the very edges of your chairs in anticipation. Heh.


Liesl Garner said...

How did you know? That I am breathless with anticipation? You crack me up!

I loved the interview story. I love your confidence and spunk. I'm looking forward to photos tomorrow. Which reminds me. I've been swearing we'd have pictures of pigs for months. Finally do!! Today, in the near future!

Debbi said...

The photo prompt for today is "8:00." I am breathless with anticipation for the clock hands to get there so I can GET ON WITH MY DAY. Heh. Thanks for reading, Liesl! I love me some pig pictures. =)

Winnie said...

Wow, that you saw that in tiles is amazing. You should team up with my hubby on Wheel of Fortune and win some dough. I can't see anything like that. I am not surprised you were a designer for a newspaper, as you write amazing and are so witty. You always make me smile.

Karen Hodel Andrews said...

Got it the minute I saw it - wow - we must be on same frequency today.

Debbi said...

Why am I not surprised? =)

Debbi said...

Thanks, Winnie!

denise said...

I need to adopt the scrabble phrase as my motto - especially when I "say it" to myself, which is most of the time these days. Unfortunately, I'm not as likely to follow through with things I promise myself. Definitely need to get better at that!

Kathy said...

I am amazed that you made sense of those tiles. Awesome!!