Thursday, August 14, 2014

Company's coming!

We have to have guests every once in a while, or the guest room would never get cleaned.

It's my sewing room, it's where all the crafty projects get dumped mid-completion, it's where the printer (and paper and ink cartridges) live … in other words, I don't have a catchall drawer, I have a catchall ROOM!

It's neat now, though, since our guests will be here tomorrow.
Instead of a luggage rack we have a luggage table.
I did a lot of inside tidying yesterday, and will mow the grass and sweep the front porch today. Fortunately we're not total slobs all the time, so getting ready for company isn't a BIG deal. I spend as much time menu planning as I do cleaning.

I didn't walk yesterday, because running the vacuum and mopping the floor (thank you, overflowing dishwasher, for that unexpected opportunity!) take more time and use as much energy. (I'm not sure about the energy expenditure statement, but it feels like it! And with a finite number of hours in which to accomplish things, something – walking, yesterday – had to go.)

But I've been walking and have definitely cleaned up my menu and I'm already seeing and feeling results. Down a couple of pounds since the weekend, way more energy than I've had lately, and I just generally feel more focused and on target. It's a really good feeling, and reinforces for me that I'm doing the right thing.

I hope your Thursday is a good one … mine will be. It's a beautiful morning, perfect for working outdoors, and the outdoors could sure use some work!

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