Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One foot in front of the other

Success breeds success.

Who's heard that one before?

But who remembers it when faced with a bowl of free chocolate candy?
Went to a fairly long meeting last night, and there's always a bowl of Hershey's Miniatures near the center of the table. I happened to sit down almost right in front of the bowl, and the person across from me moved it to make sure it was DIRECTLY in front of me.

You know. Just to make sure the test was hard enough. Heh.

Three things combined to keep me from sampling the goods:

  1. It was a busy meeting; I was taking a lot of notes.
  2. I was aware that, perhaps, someone there might be reading my blog.
  3. Why mess with what works?

Seriously. I feel pretty good. I do believe the toxins which I introduced into my system are still on the way out, as I've experienced some unusual and best-left-unsaid symptoms the last couple of days. All in all, though, my energy levels are increasing and I'm truly feeling back on the track that works for me.

Yesterday was a get-it-done kinda day. I walked in the morning, took a short rest break, dismantled the garden fence, harvested about half the squash (the rest are still maturing), mowed the front yard, did two loads of laundry, did a bunch of computer work, and went to an evening meeting.
I couldn't have done all that in one day last week. I know I couldn't have. A few days without sugar and grains … quell difference!

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