Monday, October 6, 2014

One down, mumble-mumble to go

I've spent the last couple weeks trying to get organized for a month of upcoming events. Yesterday afternoon I crossed the first event off the list. I'd love to feel confident about conducting meetings and making sure all my ducks are in a row, but I end up just feeling scattered and wishing I'd done things better/differently/over.

But it's done. So there's that.

To add to the FUN around here last week, I agreed to do a short video for my friend's pottery business. And it really was fun. I haven't made a "movie" in years and years. I used to do lots of them – and people paid me! – for graduations, birthdays, etc., but the technology has improved so much that most folks can DIY them now.

Marcia, who's been blind since birth, can't, and so I'm always happy to help her when she needs anything to help promote her gallery.

Yesterday's meeting wasn't until 3 in the afternoon, so I decided, "Hey! Why not make another short video!" Because there's always time for video-making, right?

I've been thinking about an idea for a political ad. Most commercials are full of lies and quite negative. There are a couple exceptions, but not many. My idea was for something simple and with a message – not necessarily funny, but at least truthful and hopefully thought-provoking.

So I finished all the last-minute meeting stuff, then made the video, then took a walk, then got cleaned up and went to the meeting. I was able to share the video with the group, and got a great response. So now it's your turn! And with this share … I'm outta here!

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