Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Almost there

Three more days, counting today, and I will have – I hope – accomplished two goals:
  • Logged 122 miles for April, bringing my yearly total to 400, and 
  • Made it to the end of another Whole 30
What's next?

Hmmm. Let's see. Maybe I'll lie around watching television and eating bonbons the rest of my life.


Yeah, me, neither. It only makes sense, given the fact that I'm wearing jeans instead of yoga pants, that something I've been doing is working, and if I want to keep getting results, I should probably keep doing what I've been doing.

I'll definitely be walking as often as I possibly can, and I'll be going at least four miles a day. Now that February is over, that distance will always get me over the 100 mile-per-month goal. I'll miss some days, for travel or weather, and therefore will have to log a few five-milers during each month.

Not a problem.

(Lucky's son reports he hiked 25 miles each day during a recent five-day stretch.)

As for food, I'm sticking with this paleo/primal plan. I have a challenge coming up – I'll be traveling this coming weekend and I already know it's pizza for dinner on Saturday. Since I consider myself gluten-sensitive, I may eschew the crust, or I may just stick to salad and top it with some grilled chicken strips (which I can easily take with me).

Day 27 DONE!

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