Thursday, May 14, 2015

The fringe benefit of having guests for dinner


I'm one of those people who always overcooks when we have company. Therefore, I'm having part of the remainders for breakfast (a slice of pork tenderloin and a bowl of fruit salad), and my husband and I will have a repeat of last night's meal for dinner tonight.

The mashed sweet potatoes will need reinforcing. Or maybe replacing. We reallyreallyreally love mashed sweet potatoes.

The fourth "load."
The downside of having guests for dinner when the dishwasher is still broken is … multiple sinks full of dirty dishes. I bet I washed dishes four times yesterday, what with regular daytime meals + food prep for dinner.

But it happens so rarely – having dinner guests – that it's worth the extra effort.

And it's wonderful to cook once/eat two or three times.

The couple who visited are friends of my husband's, but they also have interests and experiences in common with me. They both have worked in the printing industry, which is how I made my living after my first divorce. That typesetting job led me to take graphic design classes, which eventually led me to publishing industry positions at two major companies in Ohio.

And a TON of volunteer work. Which I like doing very much, and which keeps me learning new things. The older I get, the more I realize that remaining teachable is a good thing.

It's nice to have something to teach, too. Another perk of getting old … experience to share and pass on to others.

The PowerPoint (or, more likely, Keynote) presentation falls into both categories. I'll be giving good, solid information in a venue I've not used in the past. But will very likely be using more of in the future, especially if I like it and it turns out well.

The outline is finished. Now it's on to creating the graphics and putting it all together.

Hope your day is as beautiful where you are as mine promises to be!

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