Thursday, May 21, 2015

Graduation season

Thanks to my ginger friend, I added two more things to my to-do list, post-production, and crossed them off. I made a graduation card and gift for my granddaughter, who ends her high-school career Saturday.

This gift project is a Pinterest fail on my part. Sort of. I still have to make a graduation cap out of black cardstock for the lid, but that isn't the fail part.

The tiny scrolls (rolled-up money and parchment tied with a ribbon) were supposed to be rolled around the Smarties. I forgot that part. I went to considerable effort to find a bag of Smarties for the project, but then neglected to use them. So I'm going to put them in the gift bag – she is smart – and explain my mistake. Because I'm NOT unrolling all those tiny scrolls and redoing the gift. She would totally understand.

I hope.

Commencement is Saturday evening and her party is Sunday. I'm heading out in the morning and will be driving home Monday, while THE REST OF THE COUNTRY is celebrating … my birthday. Heh.

I'll be taking Ruby Tuesday up on their free birthday burger offer. It's one of the best birthday deals out there: a free burger, up to $9 value, no strings attached. Don't have to buy another one, all you have to do is sign up to receive the offer.

Of course if you don't care for Ruby Tuesday, don't bother, but it's one of my favorite spots, especially when I'm traveling.

I didn't work on the Keynote project yesterday, and won't have time again until next week. I mowed after I walked yesterday, and I have a meeting this afternoon. The laundry is already done, so I'll pack before dinner and then collapse. And most likely not sleep very well, since that's pretty much how I roll when I'm anticipating something.

I hope you all have a great weekend, doing fun stuff, relaxing, kicking off summer and remembering those who gave their lives so you can enjoy an extra day off. Seriously … Memorial Day is more about auto sales and picnics than honoring those who died in service. Why, back in my day we called it Decoration Day, and took fresh peonies to the cemetery to put on graves.

Not really, but I do remember my grandmother saying that last sentence. ACK! I'm turning into my grandmother! Get off my lawn, you whippersnapper!

And have a good weekend.

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denise said...

Went out last weekend and bought flowers for Decoration (yep - we still say that around here). Most of the graveyards around here will have services this weekend. The veteran organizations go out and put flags at the graves of all veterans who are buried there. People really do decorate all the graves etc. It's quite nice.

That said, there's also carnivals and arts/craft shows etc., plenty of picnics and so forth. But since Boalsburg, a small village a couple of miles from here, claims to have been the birthplace of Memorial Day (along with a few other small towns in the US), it's always a big deal around here.

Have a great trip - enjoy your family time!