Monday, May 18, 2015

The green, green grass … and hay … and weeds

Side-of-the-road weeds, walking back home.
Oh, my, are the weeds ever, um, weedy.

I'm at a loss. Seriously. There's no way I can get a handle on them.

Maybe cardboard. Just cover them up and throw mulch on top and call it done. But I don't even have the motivation to do that. I just close my eyes when I walk down the driveway.

Which I did (walk, not close my eyes) yesterday! It was only two miles, but that was more than the previous day, and way more than half of last week. I wasn't short of breath, I wasn't tired, and my hip didn't hurt until I'd turned around to come back home.

I rested for a little bitty bit and then looked at my list – yes, I really did make one – and chose to work on the upstairs office.

Ran the sweeper, cleaned out two large lidded tubs of stuff, and made a workstation/craft table out of two filing cabinets and a door. The two tubs held some treasures – hand-signed photos and letters from West Virginia politicians Robert C. Byrd, Jay Rockefeller and Nick Rahall – along with two trash bags of detritus collected over several years.

I felt so good after I was done I almost wanted a cigarette. (I'm glad to report my mood has picked up every so slightly.)

I also did the laundry, ordered some supplies I need for the two meetings I'm doing (one in June, one in September), started the Keynote project (I'm loving Keynote, by the way), and added these items to the to-do list:


  • Pinterest
  • Dropbox
  • Drive

How sad is it that my organizational tools end up needing organizing?

For instance, my Dropbox has a knitting folder. So every time I find a knitting pattern I want to keep (but not print), I throw it in that folder. But knitting pattern titles are sometimes not especially descriptive. Would you know, for instance, that KFI_free_pattern-169143.pdf is a pattern for a large over-the-shoulder bag? No. You wouldn't. And neither would I.

So my plan is to put all the bag (mitten/cardigan/pullover/scarf) patterns in their own sub-folders. I want to do this with all the recipes, as well.

Which. Will. Take. A. Long. Time.

Too bad I just can't throw cardboard and mulch over the digital weeds.

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gingerzingi said...

OmG! After something like 15 years as an ex-smoker I've been craving cigarettes like crazy recently. How can that happen?